Abstract :

Depression and anxiety are major mental health concerns among adolescent females within the school community and inflect many implications for psychological service providers in schools. The aims of this descriptive correlational study are to estimate the prevalence of anxiety and depression among high school adolescent females in Jordan, and to determine the contributing factors associated with depression and anxiety. Data were collected using self-report questionnaires from a clustered stratified sample of 405 high school females attending public schools in Jordan. Severe levels of depression and anxiety were reported by 25.7% and 21% of high school adolescent females, respectively. Education challenges and having a history of health problems contributed to having higher levels of depression and anxiety among the high school adolescent females. School mental health services regarding adolescent females mental health should be activated and supported through policies and legislation in Jordan. School Psychology International 0(0) 1–19 ! The Author(s) 2021 Article reuse guidelines: sagepub.

com/journals-permissions DOI: 10.1177/01430343211017181 journals.sagepub.com/home/spi