International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology (IJARET)Volume 11, Issue 9, September 2020, pp. 612-628, Article ID: IJARET_11_09_062Available online at Print: 0976-6480 and ISSN Online: 0976-6499DOI: 10.34218/IJARET.11.9.2020.062   Shahera Saad AliObour High Institute, MIS Department, EgyptAsmaa Jameel Al NawaisehCollege of Information Technology, Mu'tah University, JordanYehia HelmyProfessor, Business Information System, Helwan University, Egypt   A PROPOSED MODEL BASED ON CLOUDCOMPUTING TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVEHIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONSPERFORMANCE     

The proliferation of data warehouses and the rise of multimedia, social media andthe Internet of Things (IoT) generate an increasing volume of structured semistructuredand unstructured data. Towards the investigation of these large volumes ofdata, big data and data analytics have become emerging research fields, attracting theattention of the academia, industry, and governments. Searcher entrepreneurs,decision-makers, and problem-solvers view ‘big data’ as the tool to revolutionizevarious industries and sectors, such as business, healthcare, retail research, educationand public administration. . The Increasing of expenses of storage, retrieving andprocessing; and the need to secure big data in educational institutions besides theexpenses of purchase hardware, software, servers and maintenance that is doneperiodically, addition to the lack of the highly efficient of enterprise’s resourcemanagement and planning. This research focuses on the importance of cloudcomputing and big data technologies in managing and improving performance inEgyptian higher education institutions. The proposed model avoids the drawbacks ofconventional systems. It would be low cost, easy to use, easily accessible, promotesocial networking.