Determine the benchmark levels for some elements of physical fitness to the students of the Faculty altitude sport in Mutah University



This study is aimed at determining the norm standards for the students in the college of sport science in the elements of physical fitness. The sample of the study consisted of 240 students (male and female) from the college of sport sciences at Mu’tah University. The researcher used valid, reliable and practical tests to give accurate results concerning the measurement of the elements of physical fitness. These tests were done during the period April 20 – May 25,2001. The study concludes that it is necessary to determine the variable levels for the students of the college in light of these indications. The study also reveales that there is a very limited number of students at the “very good”level , as compared to the many students in the “very low” level.

The researcher recommends that it is very essential to: -

1. Use the determined norm standards in order to evaluate the students objectively,

Pay more attention to the improvement of student’s physical fitness levels particularly developing the carediorespiratory endurance because it is the base in developing most of the physical fitness elements.