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الراوي المجهول , مفهومه انواعه احكامه



Hadith narrators are divided into two categories: (1)Those whose description is well known and are classified in several stages in the ladder of Hadith critics as strongly documented or weak .(2) Those whose description is not known and are classfied into  several stages : in such cases some narrators were mentioned in name only in the course of certain references while for some others, there is little knowledge about them and their critique ability is not well-known .

Hadith ( u’lama’a ) (specialists) have not been able to find anything about their integrity and specifity .

The present study is aimed at discovering the truth about those unknown Hadith narrators and the significance of what they told. It was found that those UNKNOWNS were classified into three categories and thatHadith  u’lama’a and religion ) FUKAHA’ ( (scientists) rejected those Hadiths . This study also differentiated btween several descriptions of the UNKNOWNS like:.

) Mubham ), i.e for instance , a ) Man ( told me …

) Muhmal (, i.e the name of a man without mentioning his father’s name.

) Wahdan ), i.e  a Hadith that has one are narrator.