Rashed, H. Y. 1996, Calculation of x-Ray Emission of White Dwarf's Offset Radiative Accretion Shocks, Mu'tah Journal for research and studies, Vol. 11 No. 3, 129.

Abstract: This work is a computation of hydrodynamic structures and the corresponding bremsstrahlung luminosity (in units of 1035 erg/sec) for magnetic white dwarf radiative accretion shocks.  The calculations are presented for unstable first overtone (1O) limit cycle oscillations to accretion shocks on to a magnetic white dwarf star of 0.3 solar mass.  The calculations are done for an effective mass accretion flux equals to 0.231 g cm-2 s-1.  These calculations are essential for the calculation of the cyclotron spectra of bremsstrahlung dominat offset radiative accretion shocks.