Al-Malabeh, A. 1, *El-Hasan, T. 2, and Kumoro, K. 3

   The Cambrian manganese deposits of Wadi Dana were investigated for its REE content and pattern. Compared with other manganese ore types the studied ore is REE depleted. This, however, does not apply to the high-grade ores, while the low-grade ores show higher REE due to a terrigenous contribution. The horizontal variation throughout the basin is insignificant while the vertical variation was pronounced. Vertically total REE (åREE) and individual REE’s are increasing in concentration upward except for Yb and Eu. Moreover, the vertical behavior of the Ce/TREE and Eu/Sm ratios show inverse relationship that reflects the increase of oxic diagenetic conditions upward. The normalization pattern shows that the ore exhibits a positive Eu and no or small negative Ce anomalies. The REE pattern and content is comparable to the diagenetic manganese ores.