El-Hasan, T. M., Al-Malabeh, A., Kajiwara, Y., and Komuro, K.



   Manganese oxides occurring at Wadi Dana (central Wadi Araba region, Jordan) are mainly hosted in the middle Cambrian dolomite limestone shale unit (DLSU). This deposit was investigated to elucidate their petrographic characteristics and genesis. The dominant mineral assemblage is typical for supergene manganese mineralization. Extensive mineralogical investigations by means of SEM and EPMA in addition to ore microscopy and field observations, allow distinguishing three genetic stages. During the first one the ore was formed primarily by sedimentary accumulations. This stage was followed by supergene enrichment, which is the dominant stage and overprints totally the primary ore features. The third stage is an epigenetic mineralization stage that affected the upper parts of mineralized horizons.