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Khresheh, R.& Barclay, L. (2008). Implementation of a New Birth Record in Three Hospitals in Jordan: a study of health system improvement. Health Policy and Planning, doi:10.1093/heapol/czm039

This study tested the introduction of a new integrated clinical record in Jordan where currently no clinical report links antenatal, birth and postnatal care for women. As a result no continuity of information is provided to clinicians nor are there national statistics on trends, or performance of hospitals around birth. Our study was conducted in the Jordanian Ministry of Health, the maternity wards and registration departments of three hospitals in Jordan and in the Maternal Child Health Centres located near these hospitals. We used an exploratory, descriptive design and practice-research engagement to investigate and report on the process of change to improve and implement the new birth record. Engaging practitioners in research achieved system reform as clinicians improved their quality of reporting, managers developed more effective hospital performance and policy makers were provided with the basis to establish a national maternity data monitoring system. Quantitative and qualitative audit data demonstrated improved clinical reporting, organisational development and sustained commitment to the new record from clinicians, managers and policy leaders.