Br J Nurs. 2013 Nov 14-27;22(20):S10, S12, S14-6.

Pressure ulcers in Jordan: a snapshot survey of a tertiary public hospital.




Patients are at risk of developing pressure ulcers while they are hospitalised. These risks need to be managed effectively to avoid harm and to minimise costs.


This study was aimed at determining the prevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers at selected acute clinical settings in central Jordan.


A cross-sectional survey design.


An inpatient snapshot survey was conducted over 4 weeks in the two medical wards in a tertiary public hospital.


190 participants were surveyed, 30 cases were identified, 53% were male, and 75% were aged 60 years or older. Prevalence was 24%, approximately half of the cases were grade 2 and 23% were grade 3 and 4. Pressure ulcers were mainly found on the sacrum (43%), followed by the heel (24%). Over 4 weeks, 29 new pressure ulcer cases were identified; 55% were male, and 90% were aged 60 years or older. Pressure ulcers were mainly-in 38% of cases-identified with cerebral vascular accident patients.


The results of the snapshot survey confirmed that there is a problem with maintaining patients' safety in terms of patients acquiring pressure ulcers in hospital. The number of pressure ulcers indicate less-than-optimal management of patient safety, which requires a more detailed investigation.