The Performance of the First Pilot Thermoacoustic Refrigerator

Mohammed Awwad Ali Al-Dabbas 1,

1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We set out upon this work with the simple goal of constructing a cheap, demonstrative model of a thermoacoustic refrigerator. To this end we succeeded in design, built and operated the first pilot thermoacoustic refrigeration in Jordan basing on the theory of using sound waves as a coolant. The pilot thermoacoustic refrigerator was built from inexpensive and readily available parts in Mutah University/Jordan. The thermoacoustic refrigerator was operated for several hours.

Consequentially this experiment proved that thermoacoustic refrigerators indeed work. Additionally, this experiment did yield some discoveries regarding the efficiency of thermoacoustic refrigeration. On other hand solid flow CFD software was used to simulate the Performance of Thermoacoustic Refrigerator especially the temperature and velocity insde the refregrator. In general very good agreement was deduced.


published in Journal of Energy and Power Engineering November 7 (2013)



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