International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research (IJMSR)
Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2017, PP 91-99
ISSN 2349-0330 (Print)
& ISSN 2349-0349 (Online)

Role of Engineering Management in Reducing the Construction Projects Delay

Salloom A. Al-Juboori *, Mohammad K. Alazemi (M.Sc)

*Professor in Mechanical and systems engineering (B.Sc Mech., PhD, M.Sc Leeds University, and U.K)/ Engineering Faculty /Mutah University / Jordan


The problem of projects delay is a fact that happens mostly in constructions industry in many countries. Delay is always measured as expensive to all parties concerned in the projects and very often it will result in clash, claims, total desertion and much difficult for the feasibility and it slows the growth of constructions sector. For analyzing the causes of delay, a questionnaire on construction project’s time performance was designed. Delay means the loss of money for extra spending on equipment and materials and hiring the labors and loss of time. So, the main objective of this study is to identify the factors of delay and their effects on the success and completion of projects. The methodology was by designing a professional questionnaire survey distributed to a sample of the population who are working in the constructions sector in Kuwait-as a case study. The answers of the respondents were analyzed using SPSS package. The results of analysis have shown that there are many reasons causing delays, but the most effective are: the projects bids, where respondents have agreed on this by 93.3%, the lack of coordination at work between the parties was 90.4 %, due to delayed payment to contractors was 90.3, while the lack of follow-up to the decisions of the senior management was 81.8 % .This is the lowest percentage of the fourteen causes of delay answered by respondents on the high impact questions. The major effects of delay are cost impact; reduced labor productivity failure to provide affords the workers. Not all delays can be corrected, but few of them can be overcome by improving management responsibilities. The respondents who have answered by agree and strongly agree to the selected questions represent between 78.9 % and 93.3% of the present study sample which is a very significant indication of diagnostic the preseason's of construction projects delay in present work case-study.

Keywords: Projects, Delay, Construction, conflict, Management, reasons and cost.