Probing Packets Efficiency and Effectiveness on Network Performance and Measurements


ISSN 1746-7659, England, UK

Journal of Information and Computing Science

Vol. 7, No. 2, 2012, pp. 143-150


Yazeed A. Al-Sbou


Quality of Service (QoS) has become more widely recognized as an important issue since network applications with real-time requirements have started to spread on a larger scale. Measuring QoS in the internet today is difficult as notions of what constitutes QoS vary. Additionally, service Level Agreements (SLA) between customers and network service providers are often poorly defined. Therefore, all the information needed to infer the network performance must be monitored in order to extract the network QoS parameters: latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput. This paper presents a direct estimation of active one-way delay, throughput, and losses measurements precision compared to the actual user measurements. This evaluation allows us to objectively evaluate the network applications performance for delivering user acceptable quality.

 Keywords: Active measurements, monitoring, Quality of Service, Biasness, Network performance.