Different percentages of polymers have been added to concrete, to evaluate its impact resistance. Mixes have been made for plain concrete with crushed stone, also plain concrete mixes with round gravel, Concrete mixes with (0.2, 0.85, 1.5 and 2.0) % of Melment to 100 Kg of binder, Concrete mixes with (0.2, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.5) liter of Glenium to 100 Kg of cement and concrete mixes with three sheets of polystyrene and concrete mixes made using polystyrene sheets with 0.85% by weight of Melment.

Concrete with polystyrene sheets and Melment gives average compressive strength of 59.3Mpa, tensile strength of 5.8 Mpa and impact strength when the first crack appears was 1486 blows at 28 days.

Using 0.85 % of Melment per 100Kg of binder enhance the concrete resistance to Impact. Using 0.5 Liter of Glenium per 100Kg of cement shows good performance of concrete to Impact. Using three layers of Polystyrene sheets with 0.85% of Melment gives high compressive strength and improve the Impact capacity of concrete.

Polystyrene sheets increases the adhesive forces between materials in the mix and superplasticizers increases the workability so as to produce self compacting concrete.


Keywords: Polystyrene, Melment, Glenium, Impact Strength. Self Compacting Concrete.