Oil Shale as an Aggregate in Making Concrete Mix.

Bassam Z. Mahasneh 
Mutah University, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.


This research presents the benefits gained from using Oil Shale as part of the mixing aggregate in concrete technology. The effect of oil shale on both compressive strength and tensile strength has been investigated. Results from several cylinder specimens as well as cube specimens have been presented in this study. The results presented herein indicated that the strength of specimens having oil shale aggregate is controlled by the composite action of both oil shale and natural aggregate in making concrete. The presence of shale in aggregate enhances the composite material properties. A comparison between the usage of natural aggregate and oil Shale aggregate was investigated in this work, and the results have shown satisfactory improvement.

Keywords: Oil shale, Oil shale aggregate, Plain Concrete, Splitting, Compressive Strength, and Composite Material.


EJGE  Vol. 19 [2014], Bund. M