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Effect of Treated Waste Water on the Behavior of Unsaturated Soil

Maaitah, Omer N.; Tarawneh, Sultan A.

Many tests have been carried out on Karak clay to explore the unsaturated shear strength and volume change characteristics. The specimens have been prepared with and without treated contaminated water. A specific experimental programme has been planned and completed on a range of degree of saturation. The shear strength test and swelling test results with distilled water have been compared with the presence of contamination in Karak clay. The test results show that there is not too much difference between the unsaturated shear strength tests on specimens without and with contaminated water in Karak clay. Also, the use of treated water will not increase or decrease the swelling. The results obtained from this study are expected to be of benefit and practical use for carrying out stability analysis of structures like embankments and foundations supported by clay particularly in a country that suffers from water shortage like Jordan. However, experimental evidence to support this study is still limited.

Journal of Applied Science, vol. 3, Issue 5, p.360-369