Abstract :

Current Drug Delivery Abstract: Nanotechnology is currently the new hot topic in dermatology and nutraceutical/cosmeceutical delivery, owing to the advantages it provides in terms of enhancing the skin permeation of drugs, as well as increasing their therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of different dermatological diseases. There is also a great interest in the topical delivery of nutraceuticals; which are natural compounds with both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, in order to overcome the side effects of topically applied chemical drugs. Quercetin is a key nutraceutical with topical antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which was reported to be effective in the treatment of different dermatological diseases, however, its topical therapeutic activity is hindered by its poor skin penetration. This review highlights the topical applications of quercetin, and summarizes the nanocarrier-based solutions to its percutaneous delivery challenges.