Abstract :

Introduction: This study examined the factors that influence healthcare workers’ decisions regarding COVID-19 vaccines' acceptability in Jordan. It also examined the impact of perceived risks of the vaccine on healthcare workers’ decisions toward accepting it. Materials & Methods: Jordanian healthcare workers in governmental and private hospitals completed a cross-sectional online questionnaire. Results: A total of 904 respondents (age, 35.04 ± 9.07 years) completed the survey. The results indicate that most participants (88.9%) were at risk of contracting COVID-19, and many (51.4%) were afraid of contracting it. Moreover, 48.3% of healthcare professionals stated they would get vaccinated against COVID-19. Furthermore, most of the healthcare workers in this study perceived the vaccine as neither safe nor effective and that it could have serious side effects. At last, in terms of afraid of contracting COVID-19, the gender of the healthcare worker and his/her profession was identified to be the most influential factors in the decision to accept the vaccine Conclusions: Our findings emphasize the ongoing need for government agencies to provide accurate and consistent information that is essential in developing trust in the vaccination program. Nurses can lead campaigns to inform the healthcare workers about the efficacy, safety, and the impact of COVID-19 vaccine in limiting the spread of this pandemic among them. We recommend that nursing council lead these efforts to improve knowledge about the vaccine and its impact on the safety of the healthcare workers and the public.

The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences