Abstract :

Background: Nursing role is instrumental to effective patient care, but the level and standards of clinical practice can be affected by stress. Work-related stress among nurses working in mental health units in Jordan has not been investigated using an instrument in Arabic. Aim: To evaluate the psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the Devilliers, Carson, and Leary (DCL) Stress Scale when used on Jordanian mental health nurses. Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional design was used on a convenience, non-probability sample of Jordanian 99 nurses working in three public hospitals. Results: The Arabic version of the DCL demonstrated acceptable levels of validity and reliability when it was used on mental health nurses working in units caring for psychiatric patients Jordan. Conclusions: A reliable and valid instrument that is useful in determining levels of stress in nursing staff. Another facet of findings in this study is to the empirical evidence on the presence of high stress among mental health nurses, which should be taken into consideration among health care planners in mental health in Jordan. Therefore, nurse managers can use these findings to implement actions necessary to alleviate work-related stress among nurses in order to improve retention and decrease the negative impact of stress on nurses’ well-being.

(J Med J 2020; Vol. 54 (4):145-156)