Abstract :

The paper discusses a very important topic :the image of kafur al-ikhshidi in poetry and history in history and literature kafurs name is mostly associated with al-mutanabbis because the secands poems praised and satirized kafur on numerous occasions the study attempted to extract the picture of praise for kafur from al mutanibbe poems as well as the workes that presnted him as satirical justifying the reasons for praise and satire in the same way as al mutanabbi justified kafur by comparing these two images to the image and biography that appaered in books of mens biographies and historical sources that documented kafur al khshids life in egypt . while the popular phrase for many was poetry is truer than history the repetition of this phrase after studing may cause insomnia in both the recipient and the student prompting us to revisit some of the postulates and achieve something in fairness to the character of kafur al ikhshidi for our love and admiration for al mutanabbi and his great legacy in terms of language wisdom and art