European Journal of Scientific Research


ISSN 1450-216X / 1450-202X Vol. 129 No 1 February, 2015, pp.43 - 50

This study aimed at recognizing the most spread disorders of personality among the University students, and recognizing the relationship between rates of personality disorders spread and both gender and college. to accomplish these objectives the researcher applied the scale of Ghanim et al, which measures these disorders. the instrument was applied on a sample of (177) male and (294) female students selected randomly. the results showed that disorders were moderate, while there were no statistically significant differences in the level of these disorders attributed to the gender where T value = - 1.709 and college with T = 0.366. the results also indicated statistically significant differences among three types of personality disorders: Anti-Society, Personality, The Paranoiac Personality and Masochist Personality. The arithmetic means show that differences were to the favor of male students, besides no statistically significant differences in all personality disorders attributed to the college variable. The study suggested some recommendations.

Keywords: Personality Disorders.