European Journal of Scientific Research .ISSN 1450-216X / 1450-202X Vol. 127 No 3 December, 2014, pp.217-227


This study aimed to investigate the effect of Defiant in Item classifications in Thurston scale on the psychometric characteristics of the scale. An instrument to assess attitude toward Psychology was developed based on equal appointing internal. using three item classifications: 11- points scale, 9- points scale, and 7- points scale. The instrument was administered on a sample of (142) male and female students from the faculty of  Educational Sciences. Results regarding reliability of the three models indicated a good degree of internal consistency for these models, 0.65, 0,72, and 0,80 respectively, as estimated using Cronbach Alpha. For the results regarding the comparison of Cronbach Alpha among the three models, they indicated significant statistical differences among the three models and these differences were in favor of the 7-points scale at the level (α ≤ 0.05) which indicates that this scale is the preferred one among the three Thurston scales