JOURNAL of ACADEMIC RESEARCH Vol. 6. No. 5. September, 2014



This study aimed at constructing a scale of future anxiety for the students of public Jordanian universities. To accomplish this study the measure (scale) was applied on a sample of 714 male and female students. The results indicated a relatively stable indicators of the scale, where the coefficient of stability of repetition (0.80) when the scale was applied on a sample of (40) male and female students. The coefficient of internal consistency Cronbach's Alpha (0.89). The results also indicated that the scale has indicators of content confidence and simulated confidence by (0.73). The factorial confidence results indicated that the items of the scale were distributed over six factors and explained 58.903% of the variance. The results of MANOVA analysis indicated that there were no statistically significant difference (a£0.05  ) attributed to the gender, besides no statistically significant differences (a£0.05 ) for the interaction between gender and faculty. The results also indicated that there were statistically significant differences (a£0.05 ) in the future anxiety attributed to the faculty and to the favor of scientific against humanities faculties. The study recommended some aspects mainly reapplication of the scale over a sample of public and private secondary schools students.