Al-Tweissi, Ahmad Issa (2012) Effects of Prevocational Education on the

Vocational Knowledge and Attitudes of Students-Teachers in Jordan. Journal of Education and Vocational Research,(JEVR), Vol. 3, No (1): pp. 1-8.





   This study aimed at investigating the effect of studying Pre-Vocational Education (PVE) on the class-teacher/students at the Jordanian Universities. The sample of the study consisted of (57) students-teachers. A self-completed questionnaire and knowledge test were developed and then employed for the purpose of the research, their validity and reliability were verified.

The research main findings revealed the following; (a) students-teachers' vocational knowledge has been improved significantly; where their achievement marks rose from (40.38)to (72.45); (b) students-teacher' attitude has been favourably improved with overall mean score rose from (3.19) to

(3.31); (c) while it is reported that there were a statistical significant differences in the students-teachers' achievement in vocational knowledge, and in favour of female, there were no a statistical significant differences in

their attitudes due to the gender variable.

Based upon the research main findings, several recommendations,

related to the development of PVE course, were proposed.


Keywords: Prevocational education, class-teachers/students,

Jordanian Universities.


          ISSN: 2221-2590