Dirasat, Administrative Sciences, Volume 43,.Supplement 1, 2016 - 667 -

Have Your Needs before entering to Queen Alia International Airport

Malik. M. Al-Majali



This paper aims at examining the effect of passengers' attitudes toward their intention to use online shopping services in world duty free group (WDFG) in Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan. Five hundred passengers( 500)were targeted as a sample for this study;  two hundred fifty( 250)of them  from the  arrivals section and two hundred fifty (250)of them  from departure section. After returning the responses, four hundred and fifty two (452) datasets were analyzed by using SPSS v18 program to conduct some test such as outliers, normality, reliability, validity, and correlations. In addition, AMOS v8 program was used to test the study hypothesis. The results of the study indicated that all seven direct hypotheses supported and have positive and significant impact. Continuously, the passengers' attitudes have positive and significant influence on their intention to use online shopping services, then  convenience  in this study come to be the most important advantage for online shopping which influences the passengers' attitudes toward using online shopping services, followed by low price, trust, ease of use, product information and website design quality.