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توزيع الدخل والفرق في محافظه الكرك


Income distribution and the difference in Karak



This study aims at: (1) estimating the per-capita income for karak Governorate, and comparing it to the national per-capita income; (2) identifying the income disribution among karak Governorate's population; (3) knowing what percentage of the karak population live under the poverty; line (4) detrmining the size of investment needed to alleviate poverty in the karak Governorate.

In order to achieve the above objectives a questionaire was designed and distributed. It covered 12% of the karak population (3000 families).

The most important findings of the study are: (1) per-capita income in karak constitutes about 46.8% of the Jordanian per-capita income, which indicates that per-capita income in karak is still very low; (2)karak govrnorate still suffers from inequality of income distribution: since 1980 Gini coefficient has increased by 25.7% to reach to about 0.44%;  (3) the percentage of the total population who live under absolute and relative poverty lines amounts to about (12.8%) and (43.4%) respectively.