Jordan Journal of Business Administration, Volume 8, No. 1, 2012

Factors Determining Customer Relationship Management Practices: The Context of Jordanian Commercial Banks

Mohammad Suleiman Awwad, Raid Moh'd Al-adaileh


Today’s organizations claim to be customer-oriented organizations. Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM), therefore, is considered as an organizational core competence in a highly competitive business environment. However, the scarcity of research studies concerning CRM is still a major issue within the context of developing countries organizations. Well formulated concepts and practices need to be developed to increase the value of CRM within this context. This study is seen as a step towards this end. It aims to investigate factors determining CRM practices within the context of Jordanian Commercial Banks (JCBs). 400 questionnaires were distributed. The response rate reached to 77%. 309 questionnaires were analyzed by using SPSS. Descriptive methods of analysis were used to achieve the aim of the study. This was based on the use of the seven components of CRM including customer prospecting, relations with customers, interactive management, understanding customer expectations, empowerment, partnerships, and personalization. These components were factor analyzed to generate the most important and relevant factors to the JCBs context. Accordingly, five factors were generated including interactive management, customers prospecting, customer surveying, responsiveness to customers, and partnerships respectively. These factors were considered, from this study's point of view, as the most important determining factors for CRM's practices.

Keywords: CRM Practices, CRM Components, Jordanian Commercial Banks.