The Affect the Plyometric and Classical Training on the

Development of ExplosivePower of Football Players



This study a mined at identifying the effect of the plyometric and classical training on the development of explosive power of football players , and the difference between the two programs . The sample size of this study included  Players from the University  of Mutah Football team. The participant at  the Jordanian football championship for the year 2004/2005 .

The 30 players were equally and randomly divided to an experimental group and control group. The results of this study indicated  that the two training programs had significantly affected the explosive power  of the soccer players. Furthermore , there were significant differences between the experimental group and control group with the experiment group being superior to the control group in the test used in this study .

The researcher recommended that using the plyometric training should be used in order to improve the explosive power of football players .