Abdallah Ibrahim, Amin A. Aqel

The search for novel anticancer drugs continues. This work includes a preliminary study of the effect of two crude extracts of Greek or Mediterranean sage (Salvia triloba L. f.) on three malignant human cell lines and one malignant murine cell line. A boiling water extract and a methanolic extract were prepared from dried leaves of S. triloba. Yields of extraction were 9.8 and 22.4%, respectively. Tested cell lines included human larynx epidermoid carcinoma (HEp-2), human rhabdomyosarcoma (RD), human glioblastoma multiforme (AMGM5) and murine mammary adenocarcinoma (AMN3). Both extracts exhibited time-dependent, cell specific inhibitory effects on HEp-2, RD and AMN3 malignant cell lines. AMGM5 cell line was resistant to the effects of both extract as inhibition could only be recorded after 72 hrs of exposure to the highest extracts concentrations, 625 and 1250 μg/ml. In addition, growth of HEp-2, RD and AMN3 cells under treatment with either extract was
biphasic during the first 48 hrs of treatment as cells were stimulated at lower concentrations and inhibited at higher concentrations. It seems likely that extracts of Salvia triloba may act at various therapeutic levels, especially in cancer treatment, but further research is required to evaluate the practical values of therapeutic application.