Eyad M. Altamimi


Pediatric Department, Mu'tah University, Alkarak, Jordan



JPGN, Volume 59, Supplement 2 ,S113



Background: Constipation is a common problem in children. What was thought a problem of developed countries, turned to be a worldwide problem.

Patients and methods: All patients with constipation followed at our Pediatric gastrointestinal clinic between Sept. 2009 and December 2012 were included. Their medical hospital files were reviewed. Data was presented as averages and percentages.

Results: During the study period our pediatric gastroenterology clinic managed 528 patients. 137 patients (25.9%) had constipation.11 patients excluded due to insufficient data. 69 (54.8%) were males. The average duration of constipation before consultation was 14.9 months (1-126 months), which was noticed to increase with age. The most common symptom was painful, hard and dry stool (92%) followed by infrequent defecation (52%). Fecal mass in the rectum was the most common physical finding. It was seen in half of the patients. Functional constipation was the most common cause of constipation in our cohort; it affects 82 % of the patients. Surgical causes comprises one third of the organic causes.

Conclusion: Childhood constipation is a significant cause of pediatric gastroenterology consults in our part of the world. Still functional constipation is the single most common cause of childhood constipation in our cohort. Further studies needed to determine the size of the problem in our community.