Arabic Translation of the Rome III criteria is now available

Eyad Altamimi, Mohammad Al Safadi

JPGN 10/2012; 55(suppl. 1):E107

ABSTRACT Functional gastrointestinal disorders affect children of all ethnic groups. Rome criteria are symptom-based criteria allow a positive diagnosis of functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDS). The symptom based questionnaires are dependent on the understanding of the questions and expressions, which mandate these questionnaires being addressed in the patient`s language. As for Arabic speaking children there was no Arabic version of these questionnaires. This was depriving those children and their treating physicians from this very important diagnostic tool. So, we decided to translate the ROME III questionnaires into Arabic.
The Rome Foundation was contacted. Our interest in translating the criteria was expressed. The foundation
permission was obtained. The process was performed according to the translation guidelines prepared by the
foundation. The final validated Arabic version get the foundation recognition and approval by 12th of June,2012.
The major issues during the translation process were the cultural sensitivity of the topic and the availability of
simple terms describing the symptoms. These problems were solved by using the predetermined standardized
method of translation, the enthusiasm of the working team and the help of the foundation supervisor.
We are so happy to denote that Arabic translation of ROME III criteria is now available for usage, through the Rome Foundation website at:
We believe this translation will be of tremendous value in diagnosis of (FGIDS) in Arabic speaking children.