M. Saraireh, R. Saatchi, S. Al-khayatt and R. Strachan





A fuzzy logic-based method for assessing and improving Quality of Service (QoS) in wireless networks has been developed. A suitable wireless network was simulated to transmit audio and video applications. The QoS for each application was assessed by developing a fuzzy logic system. The output of the fuzzy logic was used to adjust the minimum contention window (CWmin) value of the IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. By using the devised method, the average QoS for both audio and video applications was significantly improved compared with the conventional IEEE 802.11 DCF 802.11 protocol.


Artificial Intelligence Review Journal, Volume 27 ,  Issue 2-3  , Page(s): 95 – 111,  ISSN:0269-2821, 2007