JEA K-128: A novel Encryption Algorithm Using VHDL

Computer Engineering Department
Mu'tah University
Mu'tah – Karak, P.O.Box (7)
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 Data security is an important issue in computer networks and cryptographic algorithms are essential parts in network security. In this paper a new block- ciphering algorithm, JEA K-128 (for Jamal Encryption Algorithm with a Key of length 128 bits) is described. JEA K-128 is a symmetric block cipher suitable for hardware or software implementations. JEA K-128 has a 64-bit word size, 4-rounds, and 128-bit is the length of the secret key. New cryptographic features in our work include the use of many successive XORing for the plaintext with sub-keys, and the use of multiple multiplexers in sub-keys generator. The main goal of designing JEA K-128 algorithm is to reach the condition of having almost every bit of the ciphertext depend on every bit of the plaintext and every bit of the key as quickly as possible. Simulation study shows that JEA K-128 gives a strong Avalanche effect, when there is a change in one bit of the plaintext or one bit of the key; almost all bits in the ciphertext were changed. All codes for our algorithm were captured by using VHDL, with structured description logic. The reason for choosing VHDL is its suitability for hardware implementation. The design principles of JEA K-128 are given together with results and analyses to define the encryption algorithm precisely.

WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on COMPUTERS,  ISSN: 1109-2750  Issue 12, Volume 8, December 2009