Abu-Hamour, B.
(2013). The use of Arabic CBM Maze among three levels of      achievers in Jordan.
International Journal of Special Education, 28(3),149-159.


This study examined the applicability of the Arabic version of the Curriculum Based Measurement Maze (CBM Maze) for Jordanian students. A sample of 150 students was recruited from two public primary schools in Jordan. The students were ranked into high, moderate, and low achievers in terms of their performance in the Arabic course. Then all of them were administered the Arabic CBM Maze probes. The students’ scores in the Arabic CBM Maze were less than the previous American studies and norms. The results indicated that the Arabic CBM Maze is a reliable, valid, and cost effective measure. In addition, the Arabic CBM Maze is a good predictor of the Arabic language Grade Point Average. Moreover, it can be concluded that the Arabic CBM Maze may be used with confidence to differentiate the students’ levels of reading achievement.


Keywords: Special Education, Learning Disabilities