The Mobile Advertisements Reality among Jordanian Consumers Perspective


This study aims to examine that factors influencing the Jordanian consumers

attitudes toward mobile advertisements. Five hundred questionnaire were distributed to the

respondent only four hundred and thirty two dataset were valid for final analysis, using

SPSS v18 and AMOS v 8 for conducting several tests. The results also indicate that all the

model variables have acceptable reliability and composite reliability value, and all the

items of the constructs have acceptable factors loading. Moreover, The validity test insure

that variable of this study achieve the acceptance indicators which mean that all the

variables are valid. In addition, Hypothesis test shows that all the direct hypothesis were

accepted expect one, however, irritation variables found to has negative effect on

consumers attitudes. While other variables were found to have positive and significant

influence on consumers attitudes toward mobile advertisements. The highest weight was

for personalization to be the most important factors influence on consumers attitudes,

following by credibility, informativeness and entertainment continually. Finally, some

recommendations and suggestions for further research were determined.


European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences

Issue 83
November, 2015